Beans!  Can you tell I love them?

As a vegetarian I ate beans a lot!  But, it’s also second nature for me because they were a staple food in our home.  Rebecca Wood says, “a bowl of beans is a more universal image of nurture than a loaf of bread.  Unpretentious, filling and warming, a pot of beans, peas, or lentils simmering on the back of the stove evokes home cooking at its humble best.”  I couldn’t agree more.

There seems to be some mystery about beans if they aren’t part of your traditional diet.  Admittedly, dried beans can be a bit intimidating.  If they aren’t cooked properly their consistency will be off, they may not sit well, and they may not be digested well.  There are a few little secrets to know about beans.  Once you know them, making them a regular part of your diet will be easy.

Most beans need to be soaked.

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