In the kitchen with Claire at 5 months

Things have gotten even more interesting in the kitchen these past few weeks.  Claire Berlin has always been an observant and chatty little one in the kitchen. She’d watch carefully everything I was doing; mincing garlic, measuring cinnamon, blending or processing, etc. She’d smell everything and without much fanfare turn away when she was done with it. She’d laugh at whatever exaggerated movements or faces I’d make to keep her interested.  All in all, it was very easy to cook with her while wearing her.

Not so much anymore!  Though she had been grabbing at her toys and our hands and faces for some time, she seemed to have recently realized that she can do that to EVERYTHING.  She reaches for the handle of the food processor, got her little fingers into the hummus bowl, grabbed a broccoli stalk, knocked the timer off the fridge, knocked over the dried lentils (Recipe for Red Lentil Soup being posted soon), and, and, and!  It has been very eventful!  Once I turned around to find her very focused with one arm extended as if she were summoning that spoon to her hand.  And, where her cries used to be reserved for either hunger or sleepiness, now they have more purpose, too.  It’s more like, “Mom, can you move over because I can’t quite get to that leek from this angle.”  Or, if she chooses to be less zen-like it’s more like, “Mom, enough with that dressing, pay attention to ME!”  Is it more challenging…of course!  But they’re also the cutest moments in the kitchen.

Till the next kitchen adventure…most likely tomorrow!

Claire Berlin’s adorable, chunky foot even made it into this frame!


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