Keeping Up…

It’s not so easy to do these days.  Just when you think you’ve got it, when you think you’re in some sort of ‘routine’ with the babe, things go haywire again!  Thankfully, I picked up The Wonder Weeks which is a great read for parents of young babies.  It tells of all the magical leaps our babies make and explains their sudden “fussiness” and changes in behavior.  We adults really need to give babies more credit.  They are constantly assimilating an ever changing world.  And when that world changes, as it often does for them as their perception increases, it’s down right scary!  So, while we may be exhausted because they’re not sleeping as much or are extra clingy because all they want is to be with mommy, it’s not because the little ones are being difficult.  They’re scared and at the same time mastering new skills to help them cope with all they’re taking in through each of their senses.  Babies are amazing.

In any case, Baby Berlin just went through a magical leap forward which is what has kept us extra busy and has kept me away from the computer…and at times, the kitchen!  This week I felt overwhelmed and wondered how I could fit it all in, cooking, writing, posting, yoga, naps, laundry, reading, zumba (yes, I’m actually trying it out even though it seems I must be the only Colombian with 2 left feet!)…the list doesn’t end.  What helped me cope with that feeling?  A walk with Claire Berlin.  It just put everything in perspective.

So, thanks for your patience.  More posts are on their way.  And thanks, Mom and all Moms for everything you’ve always done and everything you still do!


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