Whole Foods and a Baby

Tuesday was our first run to Whole Foods together.  Claire Berlin was very curious about everything she saw.  She’s an observant little one.  I, though excited to be doing some of the food shopping again, was a bit more nervous.  Would CB be OK?  Would she want to nurse?  What if she starts crying?

Then I see moms with 2 (or 3!) babies/kids and I realize I need to calm down.  Moms do this all the time…and they’re amazing!  Everything you used to do gets adjusted to how things are going to be now that baby is here.  Nothing is the same and really, who needs anything to be the same all the time?

People comment on what a good girl she is.  Of course she is!  Not wanting to tempt fate though I rush through the aisles getting a handful of things that I need.  As usual, Claire is cool as a cucumber and I’m a mess trying to get it all together once at the register.  But, we’re there on the express line and before I know it, we’re out the door.  Can’t wait till the next time!


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